Napoleon Grills Feature Recipe: Crisp Bacon, Runny Egg, Fresh Tomato and a Sourdough Roll – need we say more?

Courtesy of Andrea Alden, Napoleon Grills



Pull out your bacon. Place it on a raised rack, inside a baking sheet. Place that baking sheet on the grill over indirect heat. Turn on the burners to medium-high. You’re looking for the sweet spot temperature of about 400°F. This is the perfect bacon-baking temperature. If you’re using homemade bacon for this it will take about 20 minutes to create that perfect crisp to chewy ratio. If you’re using store bought, thin stuff, you will want to watch your bacon starting at about the 12-minute mark.

While your bacon is baconing, prep the other ingredients. Wash and slice the tomatoes, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Wash and set the lettuce to dry on some towels.

Slice the sourdough rolls and butter each side. Set a frying pan, or cast iron skillet to heat on your side burner, over medium-low heat. Fry up your eggs when the pan is hot enough, we like them over easy, but you can cook them however you like best.

If you love your buns toasted, grill the sourdough rolls over direct heat for a minute or two, until grill marks form, but not so long that they burn.

It’s time to assemble the best breakfast ever. Remove everything from the grill and start by laying down the lettuce, add the bacon, two strips should provide ideal bacon coverage. Top with tomato, then egg (or vice versa), and spread the top bun with the perfect amount of mayo. Now it’s time for breakfast. Don’t forget coffee, juice, and napkins!

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